Thank you so much for your responses to my Clickmas request for questionable Christmas gifts you have received.  As a result of your responses, The TeamWorks has donated £300 to each of our chosen charities Crohn’s & Colitis UK and The Butterfly Tree.

We had a good laugh reading your responses, I’m sure you will find them equally entertaining.

My husband and I adopted two rescue cats after we married.  Our nieces and nephews started giving us Catabilia.  Some cute, some not.  One year we received 3 copies of the book “French for Cats”.

My brother once bought me a collection of Shoot annuals.  I was excited when I saw how generous he’d been……until I flicked through the pages to discover they were secondhand.  All the puzzles and quizzes had been done.  All the best pictures had been ripped out already and Gordon Banks had been given moustache and glasses.

The ugliest, biggest, most drab, vile scarf you could imagine. More of a blanket! It was a pooey kind of brown, really pooey, knitted in a synthetic pretend wool that would make your hair stand on end!  Then, the icing on the cake – the aunt who gave me this delightful item went on to tell me she had thought of me as soon as she saw it 😳

One Christmas my parents got me a flat pack desk.  When I realised what it was I cried. I didn’t even have space to put it up as I was sharing a room with my brother at the time.


My worst present (which has now become also a running joke) was my first gift by my husband (back then my boyfriend).  He bought me a pair of running shorts (intimating I was in need of some exercise, not a great start) and the shorts were 2 sizes above my actual size (which did not go down well).

I used to get a box of sickly sweet Meltis Fruit Jellies from my mother in law EVERY Christmas because the first Christmas I spent there, I accepted a Meltis Fruit Jelly out of politeness and, trying to be popular, said ‘Ooh thank you, my favourites!’

My Mum likes to empty the present draw each year.  One Christmas I received what she thought were a pair of first-layer running shorts.  In fact they were a spare pair of my Dad’s colostomy pants.

Funniest gift I have received.  A young female cow from my grandfather when I was 12 years old in the village.

My father gifted a saucepan rack to my mother.  I think she was hoping for something considerably more sparkly.

This year, my sister got so confused about what to buy for whom she bought a bottle of wine for the dog.

A bottle of WD40 from my in-laws!  Why?  Your guess is as good as mine.  “Thank you so much” was a real struggle.

One year my Mum gave me this lovely clay mug for Christmas.  My name is Shaun!

In a Secret Santa event at a previous workplace, one colleague received a pair of socks that already had a hole in.

The worst present I ever received was a Tidbit Tree.  However exciting this may sound it really wasn’t.  It is a plastic tree that you use to hang titbits on to hand round to dinner guest pre dinner.  As you can imagine this has never been used and was deposited at the local charity shop soon after Christmas.

Here’s the present I received from my brother this year!  He’s know me for 58 years, and all that knowlege leads him to buy me this!

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