Our Story

David Beckham taught me Physics!

From 1990 until 2005 I created materials for the classroom in primary and secondary education. My company was making education exciting for thousands of children all over the country. We would take the National Curriculum, add some heroes and lots of activities. Suddenly kids loved learning Maths, Biology, English, even Physics. For the first time in my life I understood the Physics of friction and spin, thanks to adidas and David Beckham.

I was the MD. I lead a team of 5 to 50 people, depending on the project. I needed training to improve my leadership. That is where I had my inspiration for The TeamWorks.

It’s 2003. It’s Day Two of a Leadership course. I am starring at the screen. The ‘trainer’ is talking, talking, talking. The new chalk and talk; lecture and projector. Suddenly a flash of inspiration. My ‘ah ha’ moment. “Why isn’t corporate education as much fun as we are creating in the classroom?”

I left that training at coffee and called Peter. “Peter, I have an idea. Let’s make corporate education just as much fun as the kids are having.”

Today The TeamWorks is an eclectic blend of actors and a magician, psychologist and hypnotherapist, chef and minister, working with Learning & Development professionals, to produce learning that lasts. Learning that is creative, challenging and lots of fun. Learning that helps people really change.

Our training opens your mind to your potential.

Our team works for you. Together we develop your people.

Our Challenge is to remove the hurdles that hold you back. Your Challenge is to be brave, try new techniques and then practice your new skills.

Looking for lasting change?