Not so long ago we were prey as well as predator.  It was at this time that our Amygdala, deep in both hemispheres of the brain, developed super sensitivity to sudden changes in circumstance; a loud bang, a menacing growl or a piercing scream.  We learned to trust our Amygdala because it helped keep us out of harms way.  You probably won’t encounter a Sabre-toothed Tiger, but your Amygdala still reacts first and fast, drawing your attention immediately to any change in circumstance.

Still today the human brain is attuned to drama.  You must take advantage of this fact when you make an entrance or speak to an audience if you want you message to stick.  Make sure you add some drama to help your audience stay tuned-in to your message.  Otherwise their brains will look elsewhere for stimulation; internal or external.  UNDERSTOOD?

So, how can you keep their attention?  Make sure your performance is full of contrast.  A fast pace and high energy contrasted with calm and slow.  Vary your vocal range.  Use sudden movement and gesture to grab their attention.  Use dramatic anecdotes and examples.  Yes, the elephant in the room draws them in and you must keep drawing them in throughout.

Our hugely popular Personal IMPACT & Presentation Skills courses help you make your message stick.  We will improve your confidence and your gravitas in-front of any audience, large or small.  We will show you how to create the right impression and leave a lasting impact.

It is powerful stuff.

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