Continuing our “Top Tips”, we now share some important advice from other members of The TeamWorks.  Here is Billy Milton’s lesson for anyone developing others.

Walking down Regents Street I saw the strangest looking man I’ve ever seen approaching me. Every inch of his body, from head to toe, was covered in tattoos. His face was covered in piercings. His teeth were filed into fangs. Little children clung to their mothers and whimpered in fear and I was aware of a feeling of revulsion as he passed by. I asked myself, ‘Why would anyone do this to themselves?’

The answer is, the need to feel significant. It’s a basic human need that we all have and we all seek to meet in different ways. Some get their significance from carrying a gun, others from carrying a designer handbag. Some from driving an expensive car, others from driving a hard bargain. The point is…….we all need to feel significant.  We need to feel that we matter; that we have left a little imprint on this world as we pass through.

Occasionally we get a disruptive delegate in the training room. Being aware of their need for significance has helped me control my reaction and how they may achieve this. Often their disruptiveness is simply a cry for significance not met in other areas of their lives. By being patient, encouraging and courteous I can make them feel significant, win them over and stop the disruption. I make them significant in other ways.

Try it; it can make a significant difference!

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