I am currently the only man on the delivery team of an international Female Leadership training programme.  The client is one of the biggest corporates.  The delegates are all female.  After 4 months in the role I am beginning to crystalise in my mind what female leaders need, and need to do, to close the gap – in status, in respect, in responsibility and in pay – on their male counterparts.

As a result of this realisation I believe that a female Doctor Who will do more for women’s rights and opportunity than any law, legislation or female icon has done since Emmeline Pankhurst.

The reason…………perhaps for the first time since Margaret Thatcher, boys will have a female as their childhood hero and idol.  This is perhaps unique and will change boys’ perception of women fundamentally.  Will these boys start to ‘play act’ their female role model in the way I emulated George Best, Mick Jagger and Jack Nicklaus?

She looks like your mum if you are 9

I also applaud the BBC’s pick, Jodie Whittaker.  From what we have seen of her so far, she appears non-threatening and not overpowering for boys.  She looks like your mum if you are 9; intelligent and open, safe and approachable.  She is also not sexualised.  When I asked a female colleague to name a female that young boys may hold as a hero of their youth, she said Lara Croft; a sex symbol for boys and men, who simply reinforces a stereotype that we need to stop forcing on boys and girls alike.

Good luck Jodie Whittaker, you have more in your hands than the key to the tardis.

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