Being Beautifully Assertive & Positive Conflict

WHO’S IN CHARGE HERE?  Is it time to take control of your career?  To step-up and take charge?  We will give you the springboard.  Whether you think you are too passive or even too assertive, this is a very empowering course.  Using techniques from the theatre, models from psychology and psychoanalysis, and lots of personal experience, we teach you how to be what we all really want to be; assured, self-confident and suitably assertive.


  • We will build your confidence, clarity of thought and communication and your assertiveness
  • Leaving you assured & self confident
  • You will learn why conflict happens and how to handle it
  • Techniques for prevention and for curing conflict
  • You will learn how to turn it into Positive Conflict
  • And ways to say ‘No’


£375.00 per person (excludes VAT)

A small price to pay to improve your profile and your work life balance.

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This is a FULL DAY class.

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What does passive, assertive, aggressive look, sound and feel like?

  • Where do these behaviours come from?
  • JoHari’s Window
  • Transactional Analysis
  • What can we learn from Fawlty Towers?

Being Beautifully Assertive

  • Managing your body language
  • Finding your Power Posture
  • Managing the mood in the room
  • Selecting the right words

Executive Presence

  • The power of your first impression
  • Building self-confidence
  • Lessons from refreshingly assertive Amy Cuddy

Why does conflict happen?

Calming the aggressor and turning it into Positive Conflict

How can you prevent conflict in the first place?

  • Establishing Feedback Protocols


“Whether you think are too passive or even too assertive, this is a very empowering course.  I know because I did it.  Now I teach it; and I would love to help you too.”

Katy Miller

Your trainer and actor, The TeamWorks

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