Building your Executive Presence

Charisma, gravitas and executive presence.  We know it when we see it but it’s very difficult to describe and even harder to grasp or train.  So The TeamWorks carried out research in 2012.  Now we know what makes-up Executive Presence we can train you to build yours.


  • A deep understanding of what makes-up Executive Presence
  • Personal assessment of your own presence that will leave you very self aware
  • Identify the changes you can make to build your presence
  • Practice tips and techniques that will give you gravitas in-front of any audience


  • What is Executive Presence?
    • Identify examples from business and entertainment
    • Details of our research
      • The resultant model
        • Geographical factors
        • Intellectual factors
        • Physical factors
        • Emotional factors
  • Personal assessment of your own presence
  • Video analysis
  • One-to-one coaching with an actor
  • What can you change?
  • Tips and techniques
  • Practice, practice, practice

Four years ago GE Healthcare asked us to deliver a training programme to develop Executive Presence.  ‘Of course I said what is it?  They did not know.  So we went into research to find out.  ON this course we will share our unique model for Executive Presence in order to find how you can build yours.

William Anderson

Managing Director, The TeamWorks

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