Developing your Resilience

Truly resilient people have ‘been there’.  They step out of their comfort zone so far, so much that they establish coping mechanisms for just about any situation.  If you need such resilience please come and talk to us.  We can create a programme that is right for you and the resilience you need.


Yes, we are in Ghana with 20 of the most senior leaders from APM Terminals.  And we are dramatically increasing emotional and cultural intelligence, resourcefulness and resilience.  Would your leaders be able to rise to this challenge?

We are forced to deprive our senses and lose all normal ‘treats’ for eight days.  This did not seem such a big deal at the time but then I ate my first vegetables on Day Eight.  The flavours were so intense, exploding on my tongue.  I had to wait another day for my first warm shower.  The needles from the shower head were electrifying.  My skin, numb from cold showers all week, suddenly fizzed all over.  I stood in that shower for 25 minutes.

If a little deprivation makes everyday things come to life like this, I want some more deprivation.” 

Let’s go back to the beginning.

Learning lessons for life demands that we give ourselves over to the experience more completely than you can in a classroom.  So GAIA Insights directed Better Future to make the necessary connections on the ground in Ghana.  The TeamWorks was on site to guide 20 delegates through the tough stuff.  I expected a week of hard work, a journey back to basics and a serious test of my own skills as a coach and mentor.  I got all this and much more.



On Day Three we announce that we will spend the next 24 hours with a farming family; eating, sleeping, working with the family.  No hot water, no sanitation, intermittent electricity and little common language.  The first signs of cultural tension emerge immediately.  Panic sets in.

Will it be safe?  What will we eat?  Will they speak our language?  Do they have toilets?


Yes…….whatever they serve you………maybe their children will …….. use the forest but don’t wander far and be careful where you tread…. I have done farm stays in Morocco and, even though it is hard, it is life enhancing.

“Home stays teach you to cope under pressure and build cultural bridges very quickly.  If you haven’t done it you have no idea of what you can learn and how you can grow as a human being.

The farming families of rural Ghana are extremely resilient and very resourceful.  Adversity really is the mother of invention.  Having nothing inspires creativity the like I have only seen in other deprived parts of the world.

So leaders take note; if you want to be truly innovative take away your luxuries and work harder.  You won’t thank us at the outset but you will find new solutions in the end.”

Our Ghana experience is part of the ‘Mother of all Leadership programmes’.  It is hosted in collaboration with L&D experts from GAIA Insights and Better Future.  We make a formidable team.

GAIA Insights

The ‘Mother’ is an immersive leadership training experience that challenges delegates and trainers alike.  It is not your normal Leadership progamme.  It is tough as hell and extremely rewarding.  It creates lasting learning and immediate behavioural change.  The question is, ”Will your Leaders be able to rise to this challenge?”

Better Future

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