Leadership & High Performance Teams

Great leaders are able to light a fire in the hearts and minds of their team.  They need to know when to be present and supportive and when to let the team lead themselves.  They need to understand how their people tick.  The need to know how to motivate and empower their team.  They need to know themselves and they need to control their ego.


You will leave this course wiser and stronger with greater emotional intelligence and self awareness.

  • You will understand your style
  • You will learn to flex your style
  • You will be fully aware of your strengths and weaknesses as a leader
  • You will be equipped with tools that help great leaders create and manage high performing teams


  • Leadership Heroes & traits
    • Our unique debate about your leadership heroes
  • Looking at leadership styles
    • Including leadership models of Adair, McGregor & Tuckman
  • Assertiveness, conflict management & difficult conversations
  • Understanding your team
    • Personality Profiling
    • Understanding different cultures
    • Active listening
  • Developing your team
    • Competency frameworks
    • The GROW model & TNA
    • Feedback protocols
    • Coaching & mentoring
  • Empowering & motivating your team
    • Delegation & managing time
    • The TeamShip Book
    • When we are all leaders

Dear William, I would like to express our deep appreciation of the training course you delivered ; as an initial feedback all people are excited, enthusiastic and committed to transfer what they’ve learned to the workplace.  Meanwhile in light of our philosophy of ensuring continuity of high performance, there will be a follow-up assignment to be shared with you shortly.  Looking forward working with you again  in the near future.

Mohammad Hamdy

Talent Development, GlaxoSmithKline, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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