Negotiation & Influence Skills

Influence Skills in Use

Do you know why you are able to influence others?

Understand where your influence comes from and you will become a more effective influencer with the power to persuade others more effectively.

We all want to have great influencing skills, but most people just cross their fingers and hope for the best.  We help you remove the risk until you actually enjoy negotiating, as you elegantly influence others.


This practical training experience that will give you the edge when influencing others and negotiating with confidence.

  • You will gain practical tools that you can use right away everyday.
  • Influence others so that the both of you benefit.
  • Learn the negotiating skills that can open the doors to your desired goals.
  • And a way to make thousands of pounds when you sell your house!

This is a two day course


Negotiation Skills includes:

  • The foundations of all negotiations.
  • Formulating a Strategy that works every time.
  • Planning for every negotiation.
  • The Importance of Personality.
  • Negotiation tactics that really work.…..and how to combat them.
  • An opportunity to practice new skills and techniques.
  • Lots of anecdotes from two experienced negotiators.

Persuasion includes:

  • The Power of Priming their mind through language
  • Reading Body Language
  • Controlling your own body

Influencing Skills includes:

  • Identifying your Forces of Influence
  • Manufacturing and deploying these forces
  • The 6 keys to getting what you want

Negotiation and Influencing Skills:  “This course was an extremely enjoyable course. Last year I was a participant of a self-development course ran by the company I work for. I attended 10 different modules, and this module was by far my favourite one. I have always enjoyed negotiating, and I have attended an negotiation course prior to this one, but this one exceeded by far. The live role-playing and actually getting out of the classroom was amazing. Since attending this course I have negotiated better deals on my own car, my wife’s car and household appliances, as well as various training courses to do with work. Anyone looking to attend this course will enjoy and learn a great deal regarding negotiating.”

Tomas Davies

FM Operative, QinetiQ

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