Personality Profiling & Building your team

Personality Profiling helps you to read others

You say Personality Profiling; we say reading the mind

You profile people so they understand their personality. We profile people to tune-in to their personality.  Personality Profiling allows you to get inside their head. It’s an influential place to be.

We are all different; it’s the spice of life and a source of creativity.  But there is a problem.  We often ignore these differences and force our preferences on others.  By understanding our own preferences, and the preferences of the people we work with, we can improve all our relationships.


This is a practical training experience that gives you the edge in all your communication and negotiations.  The result is:

  • Deeper Understanding of Personality Profiling
  • Better Communication
  • Improved Negotiation
  • More Trust


  • Who are you?  A study of your own personality preferences.
  • Who are you working with?  Reflection on the people around you – your colleagues, your clients and your consumers.
  • We explore the practicalities of working with different personality types.
  • Can you predict the preferences of others?  Using your new knowledge to identify the preferences of the people you need to work with.  Here we include opportunities to practice.
  • Personal action planning for future relationship management.  How will you tune-in to the preference of others?

This is a very captivating and highly interactive training experience.


I would like to say thanks very much to you and your team for such a great course – I have learnt loads and feel much more confident.”

Richard Pywell

NPD Manager, Barclaycard

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