Presentation & Performance Skills (Stage:2)

We will teach you how to deliver a speech as powerfully as JFK, MLK and Barack.
This course gives you the techniques of the greatest orators and writers of our time.
Will they be safe in your hands?  We we will find out when you stand up to present to a live audience on Day Two.

Whether you are presenting to one hundred or one thousand people, on stage or to camera, to the City brokers or shareholders, this is an empowering course that will transform how people see you.


With plenty of time to practice, this course will:

  • Improve your stage presence, confidence and charisma.
  • Improve your ability to engage and motivate an audience.
  • Improve your technical capability as a speaker and speech writer.
  • Instil the discipline of rehearsals


  • Why are we here?  An Introduction inspired by Sir Clive Woodward & his peripheral vision coach.
  • ‘Doing Hollywood’ like JFK:  How he understood critical communication psychology data.
  • Writing like William Shakespeare, the greatest writer for the spoken word.
  • Drawing people into your story.
  • Planning & Perfect Timing with Barack Obama and not Nixon!
  • Using Geography to control the Environment.
  • Controlling the Space; Parky vs Jonathon Ross.
  • Stand & Deliver like Barack & MLK with interventions to improve Your performance.

During the course you will work with a professional actor, a chance to practice with PA equipment and see yourself on film.

I am often called upon to deliver presentations to individuals and groups.  It’s an integral part of my job so I found this course invaluable.  William not only comprehensively covers the theory behind audience participation, he provides a series of practical tools that allow you as a presenter to better engage and entertain. Despite years of experience I now have far more confidence in my skills as a presenter, and know the message I deliver to my audience has a much greater impact.

David Brooks

English Golf Union & PGA Coach

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