Reading Body Language

The Visual content of your message accounts for 55% of your impact (Marabian, 1981).  The Visual content is largely non-verbal (sorry to state the obvious).  Less obvious is what the body, gestures and facial expressions are saying.  To answer this question your need to learn a new language; Body Language.


We give you a simple system that will help you read what every body is saying.  Why?  Because our thoughts and our intentions are intrinsically linked to our bodies.  Put simply, the truth will out if you look for clues from the face and eyes, body and arms, legs and feet (Ohio State vs Terry, 1968). 

  • A system for assessing in-bound body language
  • Lots of practice
  • A tool for managing the mood in any room
  • Practice managing your own body language


  • Evidence for the value of Body Language – from labs and law courts
  • Understanding the neural pathways of the brain
  • Facial Coding – a close look through Paul Ekman’s eyes
  • Our Unique system for Reading Body Language – Freeze, Flight or Fight
  • A chance to practice Reading Body Language – includes invaluable Actor demonstrations
  • What is your First Impression?
  • Using your own body to influence others

This is a fascinating and very interactive training experience.

My highlight was the absolute commitment from both the instructors to make the training a memorable and worthwhile experience. 

Aurangzeb Bozdar

Chief Financial Officer, Premier Oils plc

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