Rehab for PowerPoint Addicts

We want to help you put PowerPoint in its place. PowerPoint has become a crutch, a safety net, a security blanket smothering your personality.  It is time to take back the attention and really get your message across, in person.


This is a practical training experience that will get you noticed.

  • Create your own rules for PowerPoint slides
  • Develop excellent skills of story telling
  • Learn the art of Zen presenting
  • Dramatically improve your ability to captivate your audience


Please bring your lap top fully charged to the course.  You may also want to bring a regular or imminent presentation that you need to make in the next two months.  Art pads and pens will be provided.


Critical communication Psychology

  • Impact – what the human brain attends to first and fast
  • Creating engaging multi-sensory presentations

Writing your own rules for great slides

  • Extra-ordinary story telling
  • What can we learn from William ……………Shakespeare
  • Writing for the spoken word

This course is the antidote to painful PowerPoint presentations

William has written and delivered presentations for 30 years.  When PowerPoint usurped OHPs William became an addict.  But today he can train all day without a whiff of PowerPoint.  He wants to help you get off PowerPoint too.

I do not like PowerPoint but I realise it has a place.  But let’s keep it in its place.  It should be a tool to support the presenter.  It should never be the whole presentation.” 

William Anderson

(your trainer), The TeamWorks

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