Rollercoaster of Change

Change can be an emotional rollercoaster that damages morale and performance.  Although the journey can not be avoided you can manage the emotion.  This course shows you how.


  • Understand what happens when you make a change
  • Identify where you get stuck on the rollercoaster
  • Practice strategies for moving forward
  • Learn to manage the emotional side of change


  • Why change?
  • Planning for change
    • Unfreeze – Change – Re-freeze
    • McKinsey’s 7 Ss
    • Power – Needs – Fears analysis
  • Implementing change
    • Kotter’s 8 steps
    • Identifying the stakeholders to manage
  • The Emotional Rollercoaster
    • JoHari’s Window
    • Curve of Change by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross
    • Personal stories from your trainers
    • (See also Building your Resilience)

I have experienced considerable change in the last 15 years; not all nice but always necessary.  I have learned that everyone just has to go through the emotional rollercoaster of change.  Some fast, some slow but you can not avoid it.  So a good leader does not dash off ahead, instead holding the hand of the team as they go through it together.

William Anderson

Managing Director, The TeamWorks

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