Serious Sales Training

This course has one clear aim; to help you stand out from the competition to drive sales.  And boy does it work, if you are brave.


We will help you create powerful and memorable sales presentations

  • A Sales Team with more confidence, influence and impact
  • A sales increase, as high as 17% for some clients
  • Robust and enduring customer relationships


We take time to collaborate with our client so we understand your existing Sales relationships.  This Market Intelligence is combined with our deep knowledge of how the brain works.  We then add Genuine Innovation and Market Testing, to make sure we are pressing all the right buttons for your customer.  Once we have tested the new sales presentation we train your Sales Team to deliver with Influence and Impact.  The result?  A sales increase as high as 17% for some clients.

  • Study your sales process
  • Study the existing Sales-to-customer relationship
  • Identify new steps
    • Profiling your customers
    • Power – Needs – Fears analysis
    • Preparing bespoke sales strategies
    • Boiling the Pot of Pain/Pleasure
  • The Forces of Influence; the Psychology of persuasion
  • Practice, practice, practice

We understand the brain for your commercial gain.

In the current climate, 17% growth in sales is exceptional!

Radeep Gill

Transitions Optical

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