Speaker coaching ahead of conference

Be prepared to be your best.

According to the data, delegates remember 5% of the content of a straight plenary presentation 45 minutes after the presentation ends.  Just 5%!  This is shocking.  This means 95% is a waste of time and money!  You can’t afford your conference to go the same way.  So invest in our Speaker Coaching and your investment will pay back longer and deeper.


  • We will build confidence and presence.
  • We will help your speakers be as good as they can be.
  • We build their confidence and their connection with the audience.
  • We will improve the quality of their performance that is so critical to the success of your conference.


This is not a training session.  Just prior to conference is too late for that.  This is coaching from the touchline to help you be as good as you can be on the day.

  • We remind your speakers about some essential communication psychology
  • Managing your nervous energy
  • An actors warm-up that benefits all presenters
  • Lots of practical tips that will improve your audience engagement
  • A chance to get your first impression just right
  • Work on your slides…………….if it is not too late for that
  • Practice, practice, practice to build capability and confidence

I am an experienced presenter with many years of experience so I was surprised about just how much I learned from William and Peter in just two hours.

Ian Talmage

SVP Global Marketing, Bayer Pharmaceuticals, Berlin

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