TeleSales Training

We start by understanding critical communication data before we create a tailored plan for all your calls; a plan that allows you to be natural, adaptable and highly effective on every call.  We then agree call behaviours with the team and we start to adapt to Telephone Type.


This is a very practical telesales training course full of tips and techniques that will help you achieve success over the phone without using a script.

  • A clear system for all calls, from call planning, through customer profiling to post-call recording
  • More confidence handling conflict on the call
  • Greater adaptability on each call
  • Better telephone relationships
  • Improved performance and sales


Your team will need access to telephones during the course.  They will be required to make calls during the course to test learning has taken place and give opportunity for practice, practice, practice of new skills.



  • Planning before the call: What do you need to know?
  • Setting call objectives
  • Critical Communication Psychology
  • PredictingTelephone Type
  • Fundamental Negotiation Skills to help you get what you want
  • Warm-up and rehearsals
  • What will make your message stick?
  • Post call logging
  • Create tailored triggers to the right behaviour while on the call
  • Lots of practice

This is a fun learning experience in a safe environment that is closely aligned to the demands in the real world.

Thanks again for your time and patience throughout the day, it was such a valuable course and quite unlike any other that I had completed in the past.  Thanks also for the course notes and feedback, some fantastic tips and reminders of what we covered on the day and will be sure to put these into practice.

Matt Gell

InterContinental Hotels

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