Continuing our “Top Tips”, we now share some important advice from other members of The TeamWorks.  Here is Katy Miller’s lesson for anyone developing others.

The first thing I learned when I joined The TeamWorks: there is huge value in theory and training models when they are presented with enthusiasm and conviction. Theory gives the training credibility. Conviction gives the theory impact. Anecdotes give the theory context and bring it to life. This is very much the ‘house style’.

I also learned that to make the knowledge really stick, we have to build trust. We do this by inviting our delegates to discuss, debate and challenge so that they are engaged on an emotional level. Only then can we introduce practical exercises which allow delegates to experience for themselves the impact of the change we are looking for. So long as we build trust, by warming them up and handling them with sensitivity throughout, changes can be wonderful to behold.

Interestingly though, trust is not just about creating a good level of understanding and rapport, but also about giving our delegates the feeling that they are in safe hands. This has been an incredibly valuable personal lesson: empathy comes easily to me, authority is a less comfortable fit. But if we as trainers don’t demonstrate authority and so inspire confidence, we risk giving people the subtle sense that it’s not safe to come on the journey with us.

As someone who has often questioned her own ability, I’ve learnt that the best way for me to develop in my work is to take the opportunities that feel the most scary. I’ve learnt to recognise the feeling of dread that comes over me as my inner confidence begins to dip… and know that this is moment to JFDI. Thank you to The TeamWorks for trusting in my ability and allowing me the space to grow in confidence and become a better trainer.

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