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This is your Virtual Coach to improve Personal Impact, Presentation Skills and Executive Presence

Our coaches in action!

The TeamWorks offer you an accessible and affordable coach to help you improve your impact.  Your Virtual Coach can help with your self-awareness, your personal impact and your presentation skills; your Executive Presence.

It starts with a video recording of you presenting.

In this interview William Anderson explains how it works:


Everyone who wants to deliver powerful presentations. Whether you are rehearsing a presentation or preparing for an interview your Virtual Coach will be extremely helpful.

Whatever level you are at we will give you simple steps to develop because we focus on you.


  • We will help you build self-awareness
  • We will give you tips and techniques to improve your performance
  • We will encourage you to create an Action Plan to improve your presence


1.    You sign up to your Virtual Coach

2.    You follow three steps to record a short clip on your mobile and send it to us right now

3.    We watch your video a number of times; typically ten times with both business presenters and actors watching

4.    We provide feedback, tips and advice in a Word document

You also get exclusive access to all our short training videos where you can see us using the tips and techniques we recommend to you.

Your support was completely brilliant and has transformed how I think and feel about presenting. It isn’t an exaggeration to call that shift life changing.

Kathy Soulsby

delegate April 2016


We said affordable; it really is.  £80.00 plus VAT for each video analysis (VAT inclusive price is £96.00).  VAT invoices will be issued when you sign-up.

We will even reimburse £80.00 should you attend our face-to-face course later.


Your video recording should only be 1 1/2 to 3 minutes long.

We will respond in 2 to 5 days.  Minimum turn around is 48 hours (excluding Saturdays) if you are in a hurry.  If you are not in a hurry we will take a little more time to ensure our experts can analyse your video.


Three simple steps

1.  Find a quiet location that is well lit and with a blank or plain wall or curtain behind you.

2.  Take a test shot to make sure your face and whole body will be clearly seen on the video.

3.  Go for it in one take.

Three important considerations

1. Lighting – please make sure you have good light illuminating your face.  Lights over your head cast a shadow across your face.

2.  Distance from camera – we need to see your whole body but please make sure you fill the picture and your voice can be heard clearly.

3.  How long – we only need a 3 minute clip of you presenting.  Choose any topic you are passionate about.  This may be a work topic but is more likely to be a hobby, a holiday or your family.

    • If you need to talk over Power Point slides please do so in your video if you wish.  We will not comment on your slides.  That’s a whole different course!


Simply post your video on you-tube-logo and send us the link and password for private viewing.

We will confirm receipt, check we can open the link and advise when we will respond.


Why is The TeamWorks offering this service?

You are better than you think.  Most people are harsh critics of their own ability and we all carry self limiting beliefs.  After training thousands of people who hold a poor impression of themselves when presenting, we know you are better than you think.  So our Virtual Coach will help you see the qualities you have, identify where to focus your effort and add new skills to your repertoire.

What is my Virtual Coach looking at?

We will study your performance in three ways:

  • Your visual story including body language, facial expressions and gestures.
  • Your vocal journey including tone, pace and pitch.
  • The actual words that you use and the images you create with your words.
What if I do not understand the recommendations my Virtual Coach makes?

Our recommendations will be described in simple terms and we also give you exclusive access to our training videos where you can see us using the tips and techniques we recommend to you.  You will get access to each of these training videos for a limited period of time using a password that we will provide.

Can I have any more support?

Of course.  Everyone is welcome to go to the next stage by attending one of our exciting training courses … HERE.

You say you will reimburse my £80.00. How does this work?

We will reimburse the net price you pay for your Virtual Coach if you later attend one of our open courses for Personal Impact & Presentation Skills at full price.  Even if your employer pays for the open course we will reimburse whoever pays for your Virtual Coach.  We will reimburse the net value and not the VAT inclusive total.

Where should I post my video?

We recommend that you upload your video to YouTube, Vimeo, Amazon S3 or any similar video hosting site that allows you to password protect your video.  As long as you can supply us with a unique URL and password to access your video, then we really don’t mind which method you use.

Talking of his coach Ivan Lendl, Wimbledon & Olympic champion Andy Murray said, “He believed in me when a lot of people didn’t.  He stuck by me and he’s been very patient with me.”

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