Can I tell you a short story about Inspiring Girl Power?


It’s a Wednesday ……

Tomorrow my daughter’s ‘recovery’ goes to a new level.  Billie and I will present from the same stage, talking about Self-confidence & Empowering Women.  180 female students will fill the hall.  I am not sure who will be more nervous and for whom.

Writing a blog is one thing and being featured in Women’s Health is another but now my daughter goes live.  I am extremely proud of her; I just hope I don’t slip up.


So today’s the day………

From hospital bed to spreading the word in 6 months. My little girl’s first big share in-front of 180 people was “captivating and inspiring”.  Her story is about helping others, raising awareness of Crohns & Colitis and encouraging research into why it strikes young people. #inspiration #wellness #youngpeople


On Reflection………….

Our purpose was to inspire young women to be more self-confident and more compassionate towards themselves.  Billie talked about ‘Body Positive & her journey to Self-Confidence’.  She spoke about the pressure on young girls to be a certain way.  I wanted to shake these young women out of the pattern that seems to hold back so many people.

I quoted anecdotal research by my own team, The TeamWorks.  When asked what advice they’d give their younger self 100% of women said, “Be more confident”.  I added the findings from the interview process where men focus and what they can do while women look at what they can’t do.  Then we displayed all the women currently head of state in their own country; 24 women lead their world.  In the last 80 years 120 countries have had a female in charge at some point.

You can be a leader in your industry.  You can be a leader of your community.  You can be a leader of your country.


Onward & upward:

During our talk we asked “What does it take for you to be self confident?”  I handed the mic to the audience.  This is what they said; these 17 year olds about to embark upon the interview process for university or into a job.  Can we learn from these young women?

  • Accept yourself for who you are
  • Believe in yourself
  • You can skill-up
  • Failure is fine if you learn
  • It’s not I. It’s we.


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